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Bulb Planting Tips

Ben HenryMay 17, '20

Pesche’s has exciting new varieties and pre-selected combinations of bulbs!  Our bulbs are imported from Holland and of the finest quality guaranteeing the best results!   Did you ever wonder how some people have larger spring flowers than others? Well, the trick is that you must buy larger bulbs. Remember, the...

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Jump Start Your Summer Bulbs

Ben HenryMay 17, '20

Summer bulbs from Netherland Bulb Company arrive in March! The Netherland Bulb Company supplies us with quality bulbs in sizes that are very impressive; Cannas and Dahlias are 25% larger than average. Size counts, larger bulbs mean healthier plants with bigger, robust flowers. March is the time to get a...

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Pesche’s Professional Potting and Planting Soil

Ben HenryMay 17, '20

Inexperienced gardeners often wonder why high quality potting mixes do not look like the rich, black loamy dirt found in lawns and gardens. Plants obviously thrive in this soil, so why not use it as a potting soil? Many years ago, professional growers discovered that no matter how rich looking,...

Beneficial Nematodes – Garden & Lawn Pest Control

Ben HenryMay 17, '20

What are they? Beneficial Nematodes are very small worms found naturally in our soil and other habitats and they remain effective for about two years. For the average homeowner, or organic gardener, Beneficial Nematodes offer the greatest value when it comes to biological control due to the wide variety of...

Natural Lawn Care

Ben HenryMay 17, '20

   Jonathan Green Organic Weed Preventer Do a soil test to determine what natural amendments your lawn requires. determine what amendments your planting beds need.  Soil Test Kits by LusterLeaf provide 10 tests for pH, and Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potash are available in our garden center. Our expert staff will...