Pesche’s has a large selection of memorial items to remember & honor your loved ones. Memorial stones, stakes, picks, statues, cemetery silk flower cones, headstone saddles, and candles are among some of these. Our selection changes with the seasons.

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Decorating your loved-one’s cemetery grave is a beautiful way to show respect & honor. Pesche’s has a wide variety of cemetery & memorial decorations.  Flowers are most commonly used to decorate gravesides, however there are many other options available that will display beauty and create a proper remembrance to further enhance your tribute to your loved one.

Our collection of flowers feature arrangements specifically designed for a cemetery grave site. Our wide range of flowers are simple and elegant, perfect for showing you care and are thinking of them.  We also have other memorial decorations, such as:

  • Candles
  • Cemetery cones
  • Cemetery vase flower fillers
  • Commemorative Flags
  • Eternal Candles
  • Headstone saddles
  • Memorial pillows, stakes, picks & stones
  • Religious statues
  • Silk Flowers
  • Solar Powered Grave Décor & Eternity Lights
  • Wreaths for many occasions

We offer many other seasonal decorations during the year for birthdays, Memorial Day, All Saints/Souls Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving & Christmas.

Christmas (available November & December only)