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Houseplant Of The Week

Nov 25, '20

Could Cyclamen blooms possibly come at a more welcome time?! Just as most else has ceased to bloom, and the outdoors is becoming progressively darker and colder by the day,...

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Anyone who has watched grasses swaying in the wind knows the soothing and calming effect they can have on us, something that is undoubtedly needed in our hectic, modern world. 


Why Choose Grasses?

Grasses are simply a completely unique group of plants, unlike any other, and they are a designer’s dream! They can used in such a wide variety of scenarios; as a solitary plant, clustered in groupings, or as a companion to other plants.

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Growing Habits of Grasses

Grasses can either be spreading or clumping. Spreading grasses will actively spread underground via a rootsystem whilst clumping grasses will stay put where planted. Depending on the gardener’s needs either can be suitable.

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Providing All-Season Interest

Grasses truly do provide interest in all four seasons. Spring offers fresh new growth; summer boasts grasses in their full splendor; autumn displays a spectacular show of autumn colors; and winter highlights the plumes and seedheads poking out of the snow.

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Grasses require absolutely minimal care. Once established these resilient plants are very self-sufficient. They do not require watering nor fertilizing. The main chore is simply cutting them down each year, either in autumn or spring.

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