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Attracting Beneficial Insects


Predator insects offer a natural alternative to pesticides. The listed plants will help deter pests and attract natural predators. A mix of these plants provides habitat and alternative food sources many predators require. Predator insects and parasites remain on certain host plants so avoid pesticides. When your plantings mature you’ll...

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Deadhead Spring Flowering Bulbs


A frequently asked question from our customers is what do I do with my daffodils, tulips and hyacinths when they’re done flowering? A common mistake is to cut off the green foliage after flowering which causes the bulb not to flower next year or possibly to expire. When the flowers...

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April Gardening


Do a soil test to determine what amendments your planting beds need.  Soil Test Kits by LusterLeaf provide 10 tests for pH, and Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potash.  Our expert staff can analyze your results and will assist you in selecting the proper organic or traditional fertilizer to apply Add 1 to 2...

March Gardening


We all know this winter has been long and drawn out. You’re probably more than ready to get going on gardening. Be patient and do not work in your planting beds if the soil is wet! Working wet soil causes compaction and closes vital air pockets. The hard work you...

Start Your Own Seeds!

Kim EllsonMar 3, '22

March can be one of those months that is neither here nor there, not quite winter and not yet spring either.  Although the promise of spring is on the horizon and we are at times even treated to one of those beautiful sunny days, don’t be fooled, winter most certainly...