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September Gardening Tasks


Tropical and houseplants can be damaged by evening temperatures under 45 degrees. Watch the weather and be prepared to cover them or move them inside. We advise treating non edible plants with a systemic insecticide (Bonide Systemic Houseplant Insect Control) 2 weeks before they are moved inside. Inspect the plants...

Mum's the Word

Kim EllsonSep 7, '22

Whether they are grown as cut flowers, potted houseplants or as an outdoor fall crop, it would be hard to imagine the horticultural and floral industry without them.  Chrysanthemums are in fact a grower’s delight, both private and commercial, due to their vast advantageous characteristics; versatility, diversity, multitude and longevity...

July Gardening Tasks


Inspect your trees and shrubs for insects. Brown patches appearing on your evergreens along with small fine spider webs? Sticky, sooty black mold on pines? Spider mites and Adelgids (mealy bug family) are active now, if present spray with Bonide Systemic Insect Control or Bonide Eight Insect Control. Holes...

Attracting Beneficial Insects


Predator insects offer a natural alternative to pesticides. The listed plants will help deter pests and attract natural predators. A mix of these plants provides habitat and alternative food sources many predators require. Predator insects and parasites remain on certain host plants so avoid pesticides. When your plantings mature you’ll...

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Deadhead Spring Flowering Bulbs


A frequently asked question from our customers is what do I do with my daffodils, tulips and hyacinths when they’re done flowering? A common mistake is to cut off the green foliage after flowering which causes the bulb not to flower next year or possibly to expire. When the flowers...

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