What makes us successful? 

What has allowed us to reach our 98th year and enjoy a longevity and durability quite rare in the greens industry, especially for the Chicagoland area?  Two key factors; excellent service and top quality plants.

Wanting to join our team?

If you are outgoing, courteous, reliable and believe in going the extra mile, please fill out an application form and we look forward to meeting you.

Thanks for your interest and good luck!  

Your Pesche’s Team




Plant Sales Associate  Fully staffed


  • Interact with customers
  • Answer plant related questions
  • Provide plant recommendations
  • Restock  and tidy plant tables, clean plants
  • Miscellaneous tasks as needed

Required Skills

  • Plant/gardening knowledge and/or experience!
  • Outgoing, friendly, polite
  • Willingness to work outdoors in all weathers
  • Ability to stand for shift durations
  • Physical fitness to bend and lift

State desired department on application form - annuals, perennials, vegetables, tropicals, or nursery.


Cashier (part-time/full-time)  Fully staffed


  • Ring up purchases/process payments
  • Bag items
  • Interact with customers
  • Take orders
  • Miscellaneous tasks as needed
    • (restocking, pricing, assisting customers, cleaning workstation)

Required Skills

  • Good attention to detail
  • Honest and reliable
  • Friendly, polite, professional
  • Ability to stand for prolonged periods


Carryout (part-time/full-time)  Fully staffed


  • Customer carryouts
  • Load customers vehicles
  • Collect and return carts
  • Greet and assist customers
  • Empty trash, clean and restock

Required Skills

  • Good physical fitness
  • Ability to lift heavy materials
  • Willingness to work in all weathers
  • Good work ethic and reliability
  • Friendly, polite, professional


 Laborer   Fully staffed


  • Fill pots, plant, pot up
  • Restock, tidy plant tables
  • Pick plants from overflow areas
  • Fill and push carts with plants
  • Offload semis and deliveries
  • Miscellaneous physical tasks

Required Skills

  • Physical fitness to bend and lift
  • Ability to work swiftly and efficiently


Experienced Horticulturist 

Not currently hiring

Only open to candidates with EXTENSIVE COMMERCIAL HORTICULTURAL WORK EXPERIENCE. Please do not apply if this is not the case.


  • Daily watering (fertilization)
  • Ongoing plant health/maintenance/care
  • Restocking/maintaining plant collections
  • Creating/maintaining plant displays
  • Assisting customers, providing professional advice
  • Troubleshooting/miscellaneous tasks

Required Skills

  • Background in the green industry
  • Experience in large-scale watering
  • Good plant skills
  • Willingness to interact with customers
  • Physical fitness


Outreach 1

Application - Docx

Outreach 1

Application - PDF


Email completed forms to

Please specify desired position and list relevant skills and/or work experience if applicable.