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Attracting Beneficial Insects


Predator insects offer a natural alternative to pesticides. The listed plants will help deter pests and attract natural predators. A mix of these plants provides habitat and alternative food sources many predators require. Predator insects and parasites remain on certain host plants so avoid pesticides. When your plantings mature you’ll...

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Japanese Beetles

Ben HenryMay 17, '20

Adult beetles feed on over 400 species of broadleaved plants but they prefer about 50 species. Adults skeletonize leafs, eating the tissue between the veins. Attacked leaves are laced and soon wither and die. Beetles also enjoy eating flower bulbs and fruit. Natural/Organic controls for Japanese Beetles Adult beetles prefer...

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The Four Lined Plant Bug is a Real Thug!

Ben HenryMay 17, '20

The four–lined plant bug, Poecilocapus lineatus which is easily identified by the four black strips running down its back, has a wide range of hosts including: fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, and cucurbits. Many of our customers have brought in plants that a covered with a series of ugly, purple spots....

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Rose Bush Slugs

Ben HenryMay 17, '20

As the weather finally warms up the bad bugs show up. The rose slug skeletonizes leaves on roses. Several of our customers mistook the damage for a disease. Rose slugs look more like caterpillars than slugs. They are the larvae of primitive wasps called sawflies. There are three species: the...

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House Plant Pests in Winter

Ben HenryMay 17, '20

Uugghh! Bugs! Did you have your houseplants outside this summer?Did you bring any new plants home?Did you re–pot any plants recently? This cold winter our customers are bringing in an abundance of houseplant leaf samples with various insect problems. Homes that lack humidity create favorable environments for insects like spider...