January Gardening

Ben HenryMay 17, '20

Create a garden calendar for 2020. Make note of new plantings, pest or disease problems, successes or failures. You’ll find it not only fun but very useful for future reference. Include photos of before and after. When the winter wind whips you can enjoy thoughts of spring greenery!

Get into the Spirit of Spring Gardening

Fresh seeds for 2020 from Botanical Interests, Livingston Seed Company and Pagano Italian Seeds have arrived, including many heirloom and organic varieties. Spring is right around the corner and it's time to stop staring out the window at the snow and start planning your 2020 gardens!  Pesche's carries a variety of Plant Propagation Supplies including Germination Stations, Nanodome Mini Greenhouses, Seed Starting Trays, Jiffy Pots, Seed Starter Potting/Planting Mix, Grow Lights, and more! See also Gardener's Start Your Seeds at www.pesches.com for seed starting tips.

Provide Food & Shelter for your backyard birds

Take care of the birds this winter. Snow, ice and cold temps make it more difficult for them to find food. Plus, your garden may have its share of other wildlife; some are invited, others have a habit of just dropping in and crashing the party! No matter if you are interested in encouraging or discouraging them; Pesche's has the products and resources you need. We know that you didn't intend your veggie garden to be a Bunny Buffet, nor was your bird feeder for the squirrels. When you stop by, we'll help get your guest list back on track. Pesche's carries a complete selection of birdhouses, feeders and seed.

Indoor House Plants - Bring your home to life with beautiful indoor plants and detox the air naturally.

Growing houseplants indoors will improve your home and office environments by providing a beautiful green & colorful aesthetic that reduces stress. The plants will also improve your air quality by removing toxic contaminants that are in the air. Come in and check out our varieties of houseplants; including orchids, pothos, croton, peace lilly, ferns, cacti, succulents, kalanchoe and more. Inspect your houseplants for insects. See Winter Garden Rx at www.pesches.com for houseplant care.

Inspect any spring /summer bulbs that you have in storage. Discard anything that is damp, diseased, moldy or in otherwise bad condition.

Trees and shrubs may need protection from rodent damage. Install plastic trunk guards, small mesh chicken wire, or hardware cloth. Repellents such as Bonide Repels-All are helpful. Make sure to re- apply!


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