May Gardening

May Gardening

BONIDE WEED BEATER ULTRA kills Creeping Charlie, Ground Ivy and over 200+ tough broadleaf weeds in your lawn, without damaging the turf. Visible results in 24 hours and it’s safe to reseed in 2 weeks. Ultra is rain fast once dry and works in cool weather down to 45 degrees.

As the weather warms up it’s time to move plants like Hibiscus and citrus, etc. outside. Place the plants in a part shade area for about 2-3 hours the first day, then, move them back inside for the evening. The next day, place them in a sunnier place for 2-3 hours. Lengthen the time in sunshine daily. After a week it should be okay to leave them out for 24 hours with evening temperatures permitting.

Beneficial nematodes are effective against more than 230 kinds of garden pests. See our Garden RX section for more information.

Apply BONIDE’S SLUG MAGIC to hostas, and other shade perennials. This product is safe to use if you have pets.

Tender veggies and annuals should be planted mid to late this month. Tomatoes will not grow in cold soil temperatures. A soil thermometer from Luster Leaf is a great tool for the savvy gardener. Soil temperatures in the mid sixties are prefect for planting tender veggies, herbs, and annuals.

Perform a soil test to determine what amendments your planting beds need. Soil Test Kits by luster leaf provide 10 tests for ph, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potash.

Add 1 to 2 inches of good quality compost to your planting beds this spring. We recommend Back to Nature products. Cotton Burr Compost, Flower Bed Conditioner, and Nature’s Blend will help break up heavy clay soils as well as adding fertility to new or existing beds. For more information see our Garden Rx section on our website.

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