Organic Gardening Tips

Ben HenryMay 17, '20
Organic Gardening Tips

Are you interested in starting an organic or natural garden in your backyard? Here are some helpful tips.

Ditch the "blue" stuff

You know… the stuff that prides itself on working "miracles" in your garden. Your plants do not need this to be fruitful. Instead feed with compost, fish emulsion, manure for healthy growth. Pesche's has a large supply of organic and natural gardening supplies for healthier plants, especially if your soil is not in top condition.

Start in your vegetable garden

Vegetables are an excellent choice for organic and natural practices. Your vegetables do not need a lot of fertilizer. Pesche's carries a large selection of organically grown plants and seeds, and we clearly label as organic.

Weed smarter

Mulch your beds with grass clippings, mulch or pine needles from last year's tree. Mulch deprives weeds of precious sunlight, and stops them from growing. There is no need to battle weeds with chemicals, especially if you hoe or pull weeds when they are small. Of course some weeds take more work. Be vigilant and weed often, before things get out of control.

Encourage your soil

Soil is a living thing and microbial life is important for good plant nutrition. It's not rocket science, but be prepared to work vigilantly to control pests and disease, since organic and natural practices take time and there is no instant fix such as with chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Be realistic

Not every vegetable will come out plump and perfect, although plenty of them will. Take your kitchen tools and cut out parts of a fruit or vegetable that may not be as pretty as you see in the stores.


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