Bird of Paradise

Kim EllsonApr 19, '21
Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise plants are something truly unique and personify faraway, warm and sunny places.  The striking orange and blue flowers resemble a bird, hence their name, and they are long lasting. Plants form a mounding, upright clump of evergreen, long, spathe-like leaves.  Although this plant is not hardy in our zone, it can be grown successfully as a houseplant that can also be kept outdoors over the summer months. 

Grow plants in a rich, freely draining potting medium, and be sure to allow plants to dry between waterings.  For indoor plants be vigilant not to overwater plants, especially over the winter months. Rest assured that plants are adapted to enduring dry periods and are far more likely to suffer from root rot than dry damage.  Fertilize regularly over the growing season with an organic fertilizer for blooming plants.

If plants are to be moved outdoors over the summer, then allow for a gradual transition, allowing plants to acclimatize to the higher light levels, wind, and temperature changes. Keep in mind that plants are not cold tolerant, so wait until nights are in the fifties.  A part to full sun location is ideal, and a little wind shelter will avoid leaves becoming shredded. Indoors plants will require bright light and it can be challenging to encourage plants to bloom with insufficient light levels. Raised humidity levels will also benefit indoor plants.

Latin Name: Strelitzia reginae

Light: Bright light indoors, full to part sun outdoors

Flower Color: Orange and blue

Bloom Period: Late autumn into spring

Height: 4 – 6 ft

Width: 1- 3 ft

Habit: Upright (arching)

Hardiness: Not hardy (houseplant/tropical)


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