Kim EllsonNov 25, '20

Could Cyclamen blooms possibly come at a more welcome time?! Just as most else has ceased to bloom, and the outdoors is becoming progressively darker and colder by the day, these plants delight us with their incredible beauty and stunning display of colors.  And all this at a time when we are yearning for color and vibrancy, being confined to the indoors for yet another winter.

Given the right conditions, Cyclamen flowers can last for quite some time, and those of you with a green thumb, should also be able to coax this plant into reblooming year after year.  Cyclamens thrive in cool temperatures, cooler than most of us like to keep our indoor environment, and ideally should be kept below 70° in the day and between 40 - 50° at night.  Try and find a cool room in your home, even if this is not the most visible spot, your plant will thank you!  Warm temperatures will significantly reduce the bloom time of plants and cause leaf yellowing.  Plants also thrive in high humidity, so try to raise humidity levels, either by running a humidifier, or allowing an open water source to evaporate nearby.  All of this is mimicking the native environment in which Cyclamen naturally bloom, i.e. damp and cold Mediterranean spring conditions.

Cyclamens are sensitive to poor watering practices, so avoid both over and underwatering plants. Overwatering can cause plants to rot, so always ensure plants dry moderately between waterings, and use a good quality potting soil that will both retain moisture and drain freely.  Do not let plants dry to the stage of wilting as this will ultimately stress plants, leading to bud loss, leaf yellowing and pest susceptibility.  Fertilize plants at half strength with any all-purpose bloom fertilizer between fall and early spring.  Avoid over-fertilization as this will lead to excessive leaf growth and a lack of flowers.

When dead heading plants always be sure to remove the entire stalk and not just the faded flower.  Pulling out these stalks will encourage plants to keep producing more flower buds.

Latin Name: Cyclamen persicum

Light: Bright light indoors (indirect light outdoors)

Bloom Color: White, pink, purple, red, multicolor

Bloom Period: Fall/winter

Height: 6-9”

Habit: Upright

Hardiness: Not hardy (houseplant)

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