Chinese Evergreen

Kim EllsonNov 11, '20
Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreens offer the best of both worlds for homeowners – incredibly decorative and showy plants that are easy to care for and require little maintenance.  Diligent breeders have ensured that we are now spoilt with an array of different leaf colors, shapes and sizes.  Plants come in many shades of greens, whites, pinks and reds.  Be aware that the showier, brightly colored varieties require higher light levels to thrive, whilst their darker counterparts are fine with low light settings.  Although Aglaonemas do bloom, they are grown primarily for their foliage, meaning they provide year-round interest, rather than merely a short bloom season.

As their common name suggests, Chinese Evergreens originated from Asia, occurring naturally in lush forest floors.  Keep their natural habitat in mind when caring for them and try to provide bright indirect light; a rich, well-draining potting soil, and high humidity levels.  Humidity can be increased during winter by running a humidifier, misting leaves, or keeping plants near open water trays.  Water plants well and then allow to dry between waterings, being mindful that Aglaonemas are susceptible to rot.  These tropical plants enjoy warm temperatures and must be protected from any cold drafts or temperature fluctuations. 

Popular species and varieties include: Aglaonema nitidum, A. modestum, A. widuri 'Red Peacock', 'Emerald Bay', 'Harlequin', 'Maria', 'Silver Queen' and 'Silver King'.

Latin Name: Aglaonema sp.

Light: Low to bright indoor light, variety depending

Bloom Color: White (grown for foliage, not blooms)

Bloom Period: Spring/summer

Height: 1-2 ft

Spread: 1-2 ft

Habit: Upright

Hardiness: Not hardy (houseplant)

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