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Bloom Period
Bloom Period
  • from early summer to mid fall
  • from late spring to early summer
  • from late spring to late summer
  • from late spring to mid summer
  • from mid spring to late summer
  • from mid spring to mid fall
  • from mid spring to mid summer
  • in mid summer
Flower Color
Hardiness Zone
Foliage Color
Height Descriptor
Height Descriptor
  • 10 inches
  • 12 inches
  • 14 inches
  • 16 inches
  • 18 inches
  • 20 inches
  • 24 inches
  • 26 inches
  • 28 inches
  • 3 feet
  • 30 inches
  • 32 inches
  • 4 feet
  • 5 feet
  • 6 feet
  • 7 feet
Plant Form
Plant Form
Spread Descriptor
Spread Descriptor
Sun Requirement

Our Annual Selection

Proven Winner 'Superbells'
Proven Winner 'Superbells'
May 24, '21

Woo-hoo! There is nothing more super than Superbells. If there was a word that meant extra, extra super it still wouldn't be as super as we are. Calibrachoas are a...

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Our Perennial Selection

Butterfly Weed
Butterfly Weed
Jun 14, '21

This plant was quite deservedly the Perennial of the Year in 2017. It boasts bright orange flowers that form a magnificent display once well-established.  It acts as both a host...

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Could there be anything better than picking a warm, sweet tomato in passing whilst meandering through the garden? Irrespective of skill level, all gardeners reap harvests, as nature is both forgiving and generous. One finds that even with just a few tomato plants one can have more tomatoes than one could possibly eat. But what better present to share with family and friends than one’s own home-grown produce?

Why Grow Your Own?

We are all familiar with the current modern-day challenges facing us when trying to lead a healthy lifestyle and purchase fresh produce:

  • Pesticide Contamination
  • Genetically Modified Organisms

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The Joy of Growing One’s Own

The one reason we have not mentioned, and yet perhaps the most important for many of you, is the sheer joy one receives from growing one’s own vegetables. It is extremely rewarding and fulfilling, as with all forms of gardening, regardless of what level it is practiced at.

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Simply Better Quality

At Pesche’s we believe in providing our customers with not only aesthetic plants, but also plants that are strong, healthy and resilient. Why? Because we know that ultimately this is the key factor to the success of any gardener.

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Our Guarantee to You

What sets us apart from other growers and suppliers? We ensure that our vegetables are:

  • Free of synthetic pesticides
  • Free of synthetic growth hormones

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Best Selection in Town

At Pesche’s we are proud to offer an extensive catalogue of vegetable varieties for our customers.

  • 70 varieties of tomatoes
  • 30 varieties of peppers

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