Vegetables - Height_1-12 inches

Could there be anything better than picking a warm, sweet tomato in passing whilst meandering through the garden? Irrespective of skill level, all gardeners reap harvests, as nature is both forgiving and generous. One finds that even with just a few tomato plants one can have more tomatoes than one could possibly eat. But what better present to share with family and friends than one’s own home-grown produce?

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Home PlantsVegetables1-12 inches
Sun Requirement
Soil Moisture
  • 1-12 inches
  • 13-24 inches
  • 24-36 inches
  • 25-36 inches
  • 37-48 inches
  • 49-60 inches
  • 61+ inches
Flower Color
Flower Color
  • purple
  • White
  • yellow
Bloom Period
Bloom Period
  • Early to mid summer
  • Fall
  • Late summer to fall
  • Mid to late summer
  • Spring
Hardiness Zone

Why Grow Your Own?

We are all familiar with the current modern-day challenges facing us when trying to lead a healthy lifestyle and purchase fresh produce:

  • Pesticide Contamination
  • Genetically Modified Organisms

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