August Gardening

August Gardening

Do not apply pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers on days of excessive heat. The products may vaporize, causing harm to the environment and a danger to your health. Plant materials will burn if a chemical is applied. This means if the mornings or evenings are cooler and the mid–day is in the upper 80’s or 90’s DO NOT APPLY! Most garden products will list safe temperatures for usage. When in question the products will list an 800 number or a web site, or simply ask us!

Make sure to check your hanging baskets daily during extra hot, windy days. You may want to take your baskets down, place them in a shady location, water well, and hang them back up after it cools down. Remember to rotate your containers 180 degrees every week.

Do not deep cultivate your gardens during hot, dry spells since roots can be damaged. Instead hand-weed planting beds. Don’t forget to deep water your trees, shrubs, evergreens and perennials. We carry treegator watering bags and soaker hoses.

Inspect your trees, shrubs, evergreens and perennials for insect and disease problems. Bring a leaf samples in a zip-lock bag for our plant specialists to analyze and recommend a cure.

If your garden surface soil hardens and cracks it’s a sign the soil needs amending. The coming months are the time to mix compost and additional organic materials into your planting beds. Determine how many square feet, we’ll let you know what to use and how much. Our garden center stocks Back to Nature, Purple Cow and Dr. Earth compost products.

When your annuals pass their prime in late August remember pansy planting time is right around the corner. Pansies can be mixed with ornamental kale, cabbage & peppers for a colorful fall planting that will last you past the first frosts!

Bearded Iris will be on display at Pesche’s in September. Be sure to stop by for these wonderful additions to the spring flowering garden. Iris make beautiful cut flowers. Netherland Bulb offers a fine selection. Check out


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