Flocked Christmas Tree Care

Ben HenryMay 17, '20
Flocked Christmas Tree Care

Pesche’s is proud to be one of the select few garden centers that offers fresh flocked trees and wreaths, a tradition we have tended since the 1950’s. Fresh flocked trees have longer lifespans as the flocking locks in the moisture and preserves the needles. Although flocked trees do not require a water source, water will further preserve your tree. Flocking comes in all colors (white, pink, blue, red, yellow, purple, and black) and can be custom ordered or selected from our flocked tree showroom. Create your own winter wonderland this year and decorate your home with a pre-lit, white flocked tree!

Tree stand: Trees under 8’ are prepared in wire stands (however to extend the life of your flocked tree, we recommend using a water stand). Flocked Trees 8’ and larger must be placed in a heavy duty water stand which can be purchased and added onto your order or we can use your own size appropriate stand.

Transporting to your home: Pesche’s will wrap your flocked tree in a clear plastic covering which will protect the flocking as it is transported to your home. We recommend that the flocked tree be placed inside your vehicle and not on your car roof, if at all possible.

  1. Locate your tree away from any sources of heat, such as a heating vent, fireplace, or wood stove. This will prevent it from drying out, especially as it will not draw water. Flocking is fire-retardant but not fire-proof, so this will also keep the tree from catching on fire.
  2. Decorate your tree with miniature lights, which give off much less heat than large lights.
  3. Avoid touching the tree as much as possible, as touching it may brush off some of the flocking.  While the flocking ingredients are non-toxic and are not harmful to humans or animals if consumed, please do not let children or pets touch the flocking or put pieces of it in their mouths. The flocking material consists of cornstarch, wood pulp, and boron and is mixed with water to ensure it adheres properly to the branches and needles of the tree.
  4. If your flocked tree has a water stand, check the water level at least once a day and add more water when necessary.


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