Seeds- Start Your Own!

Kim EllsonFeb 24, '21
Seeds- Start Your Own!

Starting plants from seed is not just a great way to save money, but also an incredibly rewarding experience. Working with soil and plants naturally has a calming and therapeutic effect on us, something that is often desperately needed in our modern world. The entire process from seed to mature plant is something quite magical and a task that never grows old. Plants require constant care, and especially so when in their most delicate and vulnerable stage as seedlings. As with any living organisms, the needs of different plants vary greatly, and continue to change throughout their growth and development.  The most successful growers are those that monitor their plants closely and continuously adjust the plants environment as much as possible to ensure optimal health. This might entail tweaking or controlling any of the following: temperature, watering regime, light levels, air flow, pests, and diseases.

At Pesche’s we carry a wide selection of seeds from Botanical Interests, Livingston, Pagano and Renee's Garden, boasting an extensive selection of annuals, vegetables, and herbs, as well as selective sprouts, cover crops, vines, and perennials. Please visit our website to browse our assortment and order online for delivery, curbside pickup, or purchase in store.

Start your seeds this spring and marvel at the joy of those first seed heads poking out of the soil!

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