A Butterfly Magnet

Kim EllsonJul 3, '20
A Butterfly Magnet

Profusion Zinnias

Profusion Zinnias are true winners.  These delightful annuals offer endless unbeatable color all throughout summer and are very easy to take care of!  Zinnias might look delicate, but these beauties are resilient and durable plants that are deer resistant and will quite happily bake in the sun.  The Profusion series offers a wide array of colors (yellow, white, orange, cherry, peach) and both single and double flowers. Plants grow vigorously and will form attractive mounds covered in flowers that act as an absolute butterfly magnet. Provide good drainage and water plants thoroughly.

Latin Name: Zinnia x hybrida ‘Profusion’

Light: Full to Part Sun

Flower Color: White/Pink/Cherry/Peach/Orange

Height/Spread: 18” tall and 24” across

Habit: Mounding


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