STIHL PL Loopers

SKU: 70108820705

PL5:  The STIHL Homeowner Lopper PL 5 can cut branches up to 2 inches in diameter just like hand tools the pros use, but on a homeowner’s budget. Specially designed for lasting quality, the lopper’s blade and hook are forged from a steel alloy designed for tensile strength and toughness. Added strength comes from lightweight tubular steel handles and double cushion bumpers which make pruning easier and extend the life of the loppers by reducing the amount of force on the handles. A contoured grip makes for comfortable use.

PL30:  This lopper is just right for most tree pruning jobs. The STIHL PL 30 lopper features a 28” handle made from lightweight aircraft aluminum, as well as a specialized cutting head for quickly dispatching tree branches up to 2” in diameter. The deep jaws mean that the drop-forged blades don’t slip out of the cut. You’ll be surprised by how mobile and nimble it truly is.

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