STIHL PP Hand Pruners

SKU: 00008820704

When precision pruning counts, STIHL offers a diverse line of hand pruners for gardeners and other precision-minded landscapers. With hard, chrome-plated blades and sleek ergonomic designs, these pruners give you the control you need to trim exactly what you intend to trim and nothing else. STIHL hand pruners are also available in different sizes to best fit the user’s hands.

PP10:  The STIHL PP 10 hand pruner is lightweight, solid and dependable. The value choice hand pruner for landscapers with large pruning workloads.

PP40:  The STIHL PP 40 hand pruner features a longer, wider blade, ideal for thicker twigs and stems. 

PP60:  A powerful hand pruner made for smaller hands and tough cutting jobs.

PP80:  If you have large hands, the PP 80 hand pruner from STIHL is like a well-tailored suit for your fingers. 

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