Neptune's Liquid Humate


Neptune's Harvest Liquid Humate 12% is a liquid concentrate that contains 12% active humic acid by weight. This humate began its life in an ancient lakebed as prehistoric peat moss that had decomposed for at least a million years. Once extracted and liquified, this remarkable product is ready to release all the benefits it holds into your soil. Neptune's Harvest Liquid Humate 12% can do a great deal for your plants, but it is not a plant food.

  • Can be used in soil, irrigation and foliar applications, as well as a compost tea
  • Works on all plants and turf
  • Breaks up compacted soil and improves soil structure overall
  • Supports microbial life in the soil
  • Reduces environmental impact
  • Improves water retention and reduces other environmental stressors
  • Increases chlorophyll content in plants
  • Improves the efficacy of fertilizers
  • Unlocks nutrients in the soil and streamlines uptake to plants

 This product has been thoroughly screened through a 200-mesh screen and will not clog spray or irrigation equipment.

NOTE: This product is compatible with most materials, except those with a very low pH (less than 4.0). It is not compatible with calcium nitrate. To be safe, an initial jar test is always recommended when mixing Neptune's Harvest Liquid Humate 12% with companion materials for the first time.

    Available in 16oz & 32oz, Containers
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