Messina Rodent Stopper Animal Repellent


Rodent Stopper is available in 3 ready-to-use formulas as both a liquid and a granular. 

The key to keeping rats and mice out of gardens, homes and structures is prevention. That's why we created our all natural Rodent Stopper repellent. Our humane and safe Rodent Stopper can be used indoors or out as it creates a sensory barrier that works by smell, taste and feel. Apply Rodent Stopper every 30 days, regardless of weather or water. Pleasant to use as it dries clear and odor free, our liquid Rodent Stopper is an excellent first line of defense against rats and mice. 

  • Easy to Use - Stop mice and rats from nesting, foraging and entering buildings and other areas around your home. This product can be used indoors or outdoors to keep rodents out of yards, sheds, garages, and your home.
  • All Natural Ingredients - Safe to use around kids, pets, and vegetables, our plant-powered formula deters animals without using any harsh chemicals. Guaranteed effective for 30 days per application, regardless of rain, weather and watering.

  • Small Animal Repellent - This highly effective solution is ready to use and repels mice and rats.

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