Lyric Supreme Wild Bird Mix

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Lyric Supreme Wild Bird Mix is our most popular wild bird food. We selected a wide variety of all-natural, tested ingredients to attract feeder birds like finches, clinging birds who like nuts, like woodpeckers and nuthatches and ground feeders, like doves. We have large seeds like black oil sunflower for cardinals and small seeds like white millet for juncos. Lyric Supreme is the preferred mix of backyard birders for many reasons. Supreme has a wide variety of the finest natural nutrients with hand-crafted quality and is created by long-time bird feeding hobbyists. Try Supreme by Lyric with the finest nutrients, you'll see the difference.

  • Nutritional mix with 7 different seeds, 3 varieties of nuts, sunflower kernels and cracked corn
  • Contains over 50% sunflower seeds and nuts
  • Guaranteed to attract the widest variety of wild birds
  • This mix features 12 all natural, hand-crafted, high-quality ingredients with no fillers
  • Attracts finches, woodpeckers, chickadees, nuthatches, cardinals, doves, juncos, jays and many more
Available bag sizes: 4.5# & 20#
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