Grub & Insect Control

SKU: JOG11923

Jonathan Green Grub & Insect Control

Jonathan Green Grub & Insect Control protects lawns from insect damage from top to bottom. Grubs can destroy lawns by eating grass roots, especially soon after hatching when their appetite is at its peak. It is easiest to kill grubs in mid-spring before they lay their eggs or in late summer once the eggs of the next generation have hatched. 

This two-part premium formula contains Merit®, an insecticide that kills grubs deep down in the soil, where the lawn roots are growing. It also contains lambda-cyhalothrin to achieve excellent control of surface-feeding insects such as ants, fleas, crickets, chinch bugs, earwigs, and ticks.

  • Kills both surface and soil insects
  • Apply anytime from spring through late summer
  • Kills grubs, chinch bugs, ants, fleas, ticks and more
  • Protects lawns from top to bottom
Available bag sizes: 5,000SF & 10,000SF
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