Bonide Malathion Insect Control Concentrate 16oz


    • CONTROLS A VARIETY OF INSECTS: This pest control is great for use on scales, thrips, leafhoppers, Japanese beetles, codling moths, aphids, spider mites, and other sucking and chewing insects. It also controls mosquitoes and small flying insects.
    • USE ON FRUITS, VEGETABLES, AND ORNAMENTALS - Our Malathion insect killer can be deployed on beans, tomatoes, lettuce, citrus fruits, ornamental non-flowering plants, ornamental woody shrubs and vines, ornamental herbaceous plants and other fruits.
    • LIMITED TO HOME GARDENS - Bonide Malathion is not for use on plants being grown for sale or other commercial use, or commercial seed production. Use our bug defense on home gardens for the listed plants.
    • 50 GALLONS OF SPRAY - This insect pesticide contains 16 ounces of concentrate that makes 50 gallons of plant treatment when added to water.
    • FLEXIBLE APPLICATION - Apply to your garden by using a tank sprayer, hose end sprayer or watering can. Remember to read the label directions and follow accordingly before application.
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