Amaryllis 'Sweet Star'

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Large Flowering Amaryllis 'Sweet Star'

hippeastrum Galaxy 'Sweet Star'

Some foliage may surround a thick stem, which supports multiple flowers that brighten up any home during winter.  Amaryllis are one of the easiest bulbs to grow indoors in a warm sunny location.

Planting and Maintenance Info:

Light Requirements:  Full Sun
Planting Depth:  1 Inches
Bulbs per Square Foot:  1

Put 2" of potting soil in a pot at least 6" in diameter. Set Amaryllis bulb in the pot and spread out the roots. (Roots must remain undamaged). Gently pack more potting soil between the roots and around the bulb, covering 2/3 of the bulb and leaving 1/3 of the bulb above the soil line.

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