Amaryllis 'Dancing Queen'

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Double Flowering Amaryllis 'Dancing Queen'

hippeastrum Double Galaxy 'Dancing Queen'

Some foliage may surround a thick stem, which supports multiple flowers that brighten up any home during winter.

When blooms fade, cut off the tubular flower stems near the top of the bulb, leaving the foliage to continue growing. Water as usual and apply a water soluble fertilizer every 4 weeks. Once the danger of frost has passed place your Amaryllis pot outdoors in your garden where it can enjoy the summer sun. Be sure to continue your fertilizer program every 4 weeks as this is necessary for the next round of indoor forcing. Bring your Amaryllis inside at the end of summer and allow bulb to completely dry out by storing it in a cool dry place. Now repot your Amaryllis in fresh potting soil and star the growing cycle again.

Plant Height:  20-24 In

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