Bonide Poison Ivy & Oak Killer QT


Poison Oak and Ivy Killer RTU works systemically and goes all around the plant with outcomes coming to be obvious a couple of days later. It comes to be rain quick in the wake of drying, don't water for 24 hours in the wake of treating. Contains Trimec three way herbicide for weed control to the roots. Rainfast upon drying.

  • WEED KILLER - Controls poison ivy and poison oak along with a wide range of other broadleaf lawn weeds. This includes dandelion, thistle, clover, ground ivy, ragweed, creeping charlie, chicory, stinging nettle and many more.

  • WON'T WASH AWAY - Poison Oak and Ivy Killer is rainproof within hours. For best results, spray with enough time for it to completely dry before it rains. Will not wash off after it has dried.

  • SAFE FOR GRASS - Designed to kill a variety of weeds, not lawn grasses. When used as directed it kills broadleaf weeds in lawns, roots and all.

  • STARTS WORKING OVERNIGHT - Effects begin to show after a few days and the weeds will gradually die. Up to 4 weeks may be required for complete kill.

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