Espoma Sani-Care Odor Control


Espoma Naturals Sani-Care, Odor Control, Prevent & Eliminate Ammonia Odors

  • Espoma Naturals Sani-Care Odor Control is a triple action formula that prevents and eliminates unpleasant odors like ammonia gas which builds up from degrading urine in your pet's living space
  • The elimination of ammonia reduces unpleasant odors, respiratory distress, and the potential for a hazardous respiratory condition
  • Apply Odor Control to pet bedding, litter additives, stalls, kennels and coops. It works with all bedding materials and it's suitable for all animals, large or small
  • Sani-Care Odor Control keeps stalls drier, improves respiratory environment, extends the life of bedding material, helps reduce flies, and improves agronomic value of waste bedding. Sani-Care won't burn or crack horse hooves
  • Active Ingredients: Sani-Care Odor Control utilizes the dual combination of gypsum and zeolite for a triple action formula of absorption, adsorption and chemical reaction that prevents the conversion of urine urea to ammonia
    Available in 6.75# bag
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