Green Seeding Mulch

SKU: JOG10944

Jonathan Green Green Seeding Mulch

Green-Mulch, with its 1-1-1 slow-release fertilizer, enhances seed germination. Green-Mulch is weed-free and controls erosion. It is aesthetically pleasing, safe and biodegradable. Green-Mulch has a uniform particle size for even distribution on the lawn and, unlike straw, does not need to be raked up. Contains cellulose, corn fiber and tackifier to control erosion. Green-Mulch can be applied with a rotary spreader.
  • Enhances seed germination
  • Enhances seed germination
  • Weed-free mulch for seed establishment
  • No straw to rake up
  • Apply with a rotary spreader
    Available bag sizes: 15# (4,800sf coverage)
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