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Tired of always purchasing overpriced berries with little flavor and a short shelf life? Why not grow your own and enjoy delicious, perfectly sun-ripened berries and fruits picked straight off your own plants. Fruit bushes and trees will delight from year to year with an ever-increasing yield of sweet fruits.

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Which Fruits do We Offer?

  • Raspberries
  • Blueberries
  • Red Currants

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Raspberries can be split into two groups: summer-bearing and ever-bearing. Summer-bearing produce only one crop in summer, whilst ever-bearing will continue to produce fruit throughout the season.

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Blueberries can be divided into 4 groups: highbush, lowbush, hybrid half-high and rabbiteye. Most popular and widely sold varieties are members of the highbush group. Blueberries are self-pollinating but higher yields are obtained by cross-pollination with other plants.

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Red and Black Currants

Currants are an excellent crop to grow as they are generally trouble-free and produce large quantities of fruit. Both currants are quite adaptable and perform well in a wide range of conditions. Ideally they favor a full-sun location with a well-drained soil and good air-circulation, although they are tolerant of part-shade.

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Gooseberries are very easy to grow and quite trouble-free. They prefer a sunny location but will equally tolerate shade conditions, although this may lower fruit production. Fruit is produced on 2 and 3-yr old wood, so be sure to maintain a good balance of old and new wood, and when pruning remove wood older than 3yrs.

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Blackberries are another easy, robust plant to grow that produce large quantities of fruit. Plants can be divided into two groups: upright and trailing. Trailing forms have long arching stems and will require some form of support.

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Many grapes are self-pollinating, but always be sure to check when selecting a new variety. Grapes thrive in full sun, with ample air circulation and good drainage to avoid any disease occurrence. Be sure to provide plants with some form of support, i.e. trellis or fence, and consider using grape plants as a living wall or a green canopy.

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Chicago Hardy Fig

Also known as the Bensonhurst Purple Fig, this fig is native to Sicily and is fully hardy to a zone 5. Do not despair if you experience some dieback of topgrowth after a harsh winter, the plant will quite happily resprout from its extensive root system.

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Strawberries can be divided into two main groups: June-bearing and Ever-bearing. June-bearing are the more popular of the two as these are larger in size, however they only produce a single crop per year. 

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