Lenten Rose or Hellebore

Kim EllsonApr 24, '22
Lenten Rose or Hellebore

Lenten rose, as their name implies, have a bloom that resembles a rose, and bloom around the time of Lent each year. Hellebores have many wonderful qualities- they have unique flowers; their blooms occur in a wide variety of different colors; the flowers are very long-lasting; they are tough and resilient plants once established; they require little maintenance or care; they are deer and rabbit resistant; and perhaps the finest quality of all, is their ever so early bloom time. Hellbores bloom long before most other plants, around the same time as our spring blooming bulbs and native ephemerals, at a time when we are starved for color and outdoor plant life. The lack of surrounding vegetation also allows these plants to stand out more, as they are more conservative by nature.

Plants are hardy perennials and will return each year. Do not cut down the plants in fall, the dead vegetation helps catch leaves and provide extra winter protection. Cut plants in spring as new growth starts to emerge. Ideally plants enjoy part shade over the hot months, and a rich, well-drained and moist soil, however plants are quite tolerant of poor soils.

Be aware that plants are toxic to both pets and humans.

Latin Name: Helleborus x hybridus

Light: Part shade to shade

Bloom Color: White, green, pink, purple, lavender, red

Bloom Period: Spring

Height: 18 - 24”

Spread: 18”

Habit: Upright

Hardiness: 4-9

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