Jacob's Ladder

Kim EllsonMay 7, '22
Jacob's Ladder

A native plant that is ideal for that partially shaded area in your garden or as part of a woodland garden. Plants are low maintenance once established and thrive in a rich, partially moist soil.  This early bloomer delights with bluish-purple flowers in spring, when most other perennials are still green or just emerging. Plants produce an abundance of flowers, which are beautifully accented by the characteristic, ladder-like foliage. The striking flowers are beneficial to a number of different poillinators, including bees, butterflies and moth, and at a time when perennial blooms are still quite scarce.

Popular varieties include the Laguna series from Proven Winners, the Regatta Series, Sapphire and Rosamond.

Latin Name: Polemonium reptans

Light: Part shade

Bloom Color: Bluish purple

Bloom Period: Spring

Height: 1 -1.5 ft

Habit: Upright

Hardiness: 3

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