A Great Shade Plant!

Kim EllsonJul 3, '20
A Great Shade Plant!

Goatsbeard or Astilbe

If you have a shady spot, Astilbes are the perfect plant to brighten up your garden. These showy plants have delicate fern-like foliage, accented by majestic, upright flower stalks, rising above the plant and providing striking color. There are many different varieties of Goatsbeard, thereby offering gardeners a selection of colors, sizes and bloom times. Plants form sizeable clumps over the years. Although Goatsbeard is quite tolerant of poor conditions, to enjoy maximum blooms and vigorous growth, try to avoid very wet areas and hot sun. Light shade is ideal and favored. A delightful new introduction is ‘Maggie Daley’, a robust plant that is a later bloomer and offers a profusion of pink lavender plumes.

Latin Name: Astilbe sp.

Light: Part to full shade

Bloom Color: White, pink, purple, red, peach

Height: 6” – 5ft

Hardiness: 3-8

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