Bedding Begonias Never Fail

Kim EllsonMay 16, '22
Bedding Begonias Never Fail

Bedding Begonias

Bedding Begonias, also known as Wax or Fibrous Begonias, are commonly used for largescale plantings for good reason.  They grow quickly, bloom profusely and provide a bright splash of bright color from late spring until early fall. Plants come in shades of red, pink, rose, white and bicolored flowers, and leaves range from light green to dark green, burgundy to bronze, and sometimes with pink edges.  Green-leaved varieties perform best in part to full shade, whilst the dark leaved varieties can tolerate full sun.  All types are quite drought tolerant thanks to their thick, waxy leaves and quite easy to grow and maintain.

Latin Name: Begonia semperflorens

Light: Sun to shade

Bloom Color: Pink, red, white, rose, bicolor

Bloom Period: All summer

Height: 6-8”

Habit: Mounding

Hardiness: not hardy/annual

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