Proven Winner Super Bells

Super Bells are a variety of Petunia called Calibrachoa and are also commonly known as mini Petunia or Million Bells. These plants made their debut in the nineties and have delighted gardeners ever since.  They have a compact, trailing habit and are prolific bloomers, producing endless miniature flowers in a vast array of colors.  They lend themselves perfectly for hanging baskets, patio planters, mixed containers or garden beds.  Grow in a well-drained, moist soil, allowing plants to dry between waterings and fertilize throughout the growing season.

Latin Name: Calibrachoa sp.
Light: Part to full sun
Bloom Color: White, cream, yellow, pink, orange, red, burgundy, lavender, purple, striped
Bloom Period: Summer
Height: 3-10”
Habit: Trailing
Hardiness: 9-11 (Annual)
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