Peach Tree - Elberta


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Elberta Peach, one of the most popular varieties of peach trees?was first introduced in Georgia in 1875 by Samuel H. Rumph. Rumph, who introduced peach tree farming to the south around the turn of the century, first cultivated the Elberta Peach after he crossed an Early Crawford and Chinese Cling.

The Elberta Peach is considered to be one of the more active peach trees, and can produce up to 150 pounds of peaches in one season. In addition to its peaches, it blooms each spring with an abundance of vibrant pink and purple flowers, followed by its harvest season around early to mid-July. Its tender sweet freestone peaches can be enjoyed a variety of different ways, and are exceptionally delicious in cobblers and pies.

7gal container / Approx 6-7' tall