Elephant Ear 'White Lava'

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Elephant Ear

Colocasia esculenta 'White Lava'

Bold white veins on green leaves.  Easy to grow in partial sun to partial shade in well drained soil. 

Planting and Maintenance Info:

Light Requirements: Partial Sun, Partial Shade
Planting Depth: 1 Inches
Bulbs per Square Foot: 1

Dig a hole slightly deeper than the bulb itself. Place in hole, blunt side down. Space multiple bulbs at least 2 feet apart. Requires no fertilizer. Excellent plant for containers which can then be easily lifted in northern climates where they may not survive the winter if left unprotected.

Plant Height:  36-48 In

Bloom Time: Foliage plant all season

Hardiness Zone: 7-11 

Elephant Ear Features:

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