Black Gold Peat Moss Plus

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Black Gold Peat Moss Plus
Help your plants grow healthier and stronger with Black Gold Peat Moss. Use this item to help blueberries, camellias and a variety of other acid-loving vegetation to grow big and be fruitful. Black Gold moss is composed of 100 percent Canadian sphagnum peat moss, which is an all-natural earth conditioner to improve the quality of your shrubs. This organic item will help you to create ideal growing conditions so you may be able to achieve high producing results. This Black Gold garden soil has a unique cell structure that helps regulate moisture and air around the roots. It is a wetting agent that helps promote re-wetting. This item comes in an eight-quart single unit or as a pack of eight. Black Gold is OMRI listed for organic gardening and can slightly lower the pH of more alkaline dirt.
  • Natural organic soild conditioner
  • Unique cell structure helps regulate moisture and air around plant roots
  • Create great growing conditions

Available in 8 quart bags

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