Celeriac 'Bianco del Veneto'

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White Celeriac of Venice. Grown for its root which is 3-4 inches in diameter, completely fiberless and tastes like celery. Will store fairly easily just as you would a carrot. Cook in soups or stews, or use them in salads. @ 90-95 days. Grow as you would celery. Start seedlings about 10-12 weeks before set out date (two weeks after last frost date). Sow 5-6 seeds/square inch and cover with 1/8th inch of soil mix. If possible, keep the flat at 75 degrees F or so. Celery is slow to germinate and will take 14-21 days to germinate. When seedlings are two inches tall, transplant to individual containers (a six pack works fine). Transplant outside and space 6-8 inches. If using rows, space rows at 24 inches. Celery grows best in a fertile soil. Keep well watered.

3 gram packet, approximately 6000-7,500 seeds.

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