At Pesche’s we are proud to sell our own home-grown, quality Poinsettias.

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Home Poinsettias

We know how special the holiday season is, and we strive to make it just a little bit better for you and your loved ones, by providing plants that delight with both beauty and good health.  Our resilient plants won’t just make it to Christmas Day like so many others, no, they will assuredly delight for a very long time to come with the proper care.  We all know how tricky Poinsettias can be, and nobody wants the disappointment of these beautiful plants wilting for seemingly unknown reasons.  We pack all plants to prevent any damage, cold or otherwise, on your way home.  Plants are offered in many colors (red, pink, white, speckled, marble) and sizes; from an adorable 2” pot to an impressive 12” bush.   We even stock unusual specialty items like our one-of-a-kind Poinsettia trees and many varieties; Peterstar Red, Peterstar Pink, Peterstar Marble, Noel Red, Ice Punch, Jinglebell Rock and Snowcap White.  Poinsettias come with complimentary green, gold or red foil to give your plant that finishing touch, and make it picture perfect for your home.  So come and soak in the stunning sights of endless color, in our warm and cozy greenhouse, to help you get through these dark and dreary days!  

And don’t forget, Poinsettias are not the only plant to shine during the Christmas season; Cyclamen, Christmas Cactus, Azaleas, Amaryllis, Paperwhites and Chrysanthemums are all in their full glory.