Perennials - Bloom Period_from mid summer to mid fall

What are Perennials?
Perennials as opposed to annuals, are long-lived plants, that once planted will return year and year and delight with their resilience.

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Sun Requirement
Sun Requirement
  • average
  • full sun
  • moist
  • part sun
  • shade
  • wet
Soil Moisture
Soil Moisture
Growth Form
Growth Form
Flower Color
Flower Color
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow
Bloom Period
Bloom Period
  • Early to mid summer
  • Fall
  • from early summer to early fall
  • from early summer to mid fall
  • from early to late summer
  • from late spring to early fall
  • from late spring to early summer
  • from late spring to late summer
  • from late spring to mid summer
  • from mid spring to early summer
  • from mid spring to mid fall
  • from mid summer to mid fall
  • from mid to late summer
  • in mid summer
  • Late summer to fall
  • Mid to late summer
  • Spring
  • Yes
Foliage Color
Winter Interest

Perennials are Low Maintenance

Luckily for us gardener’s perennials require far less care than annuals. Why? Because the extensive root systems of perennials do not only guarantee their longevity, but it also allows plants to be more independent and fend for themselves.

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Do you want Continuous Bloom?

Because perennials do not bloom from spring to autumn, achieving a continuous bloom throughout the seasons requires a little forward planning.

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What is the ‘New’ Fall Cleanup?

Traditionally perennials have been faithfully cut to the ground each autumn, leaving beds tidy and ready for winter.

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Advantages of a Spring Cleanup

  • Provides extra winter protection for the crowns of perennial plants

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Dividing and Transplanting

Some perennials, once fully matured, respond well to periodic division, including Iris, Daylily, Hosta, Sedum, Penstemon, Phlox, Rudbeckia and Yarrow.

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Shade Perennials

At Pesche’s we have an entire area dedicated to shade perennials, so all those gardeners with a lack of sun in their gardens, now too can choose from a fantastic range of plants!

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