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Climbers provide us gardeners with precious growing space as we can utilize vertical spaces and soften harsh walls at the same time. Annual climbers will bloom all season and perennial climbers return each year. Invite hummingbirds and butterflies to your garden this year by selecting pollinator friendly plants.

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What is a Climber?

A climber refers to any plant, annual or perennial, whose true nature it is to grow upwards and climb. At Pesche’s we sell a variety of both annual and perennial climbing plants.

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Why Grow Climbers?

  • Allows gardeners to create visual barriers for privacy or hide unsightly walls.
  • They delight with beautiful, huge flower displays.
  • Makes use of vertical growing area for small gardens.

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Perennial climbers are divided into two groups: Self Climbing and Twining.


  • Also known as self-clinging or self-adhesive.
  • Grab hold fully by use of aerial roots or adhesive pads.
  • Capable of growing up walls.

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How to Care for Climbers

It is difficult to generalize care for all perennial climbing plants as each plant has its own unique requirements. Be certain to select the right plant for the conditions present; i.e. light levels, soil type, available space and the type of structure present. Many flowering vines enjoy a lot of sunshine and a lack of direct sun can lead to a reduction in flowers.

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How to Prune Climbers

As a rule of thumb, early flowering plants are pruned immediately after flowering, thereby allowing plants sufficient time to develop next years flower buds. Plants that bloom between mid-summer and autumn are pruned early in spring, before or as growth commences.

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