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Houseplant Of The Week

Nov 25, '20

Could Cyclamen blooms possibly come at a more welcome time?! Just as most else has ceased to bloom, and the outdoors is becoming progressively darker and colder by the day,...

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Our trees are presented in well-lit areas, fully viewable from all sides and grouped by size.  Once you have found that perfect tree, our staff will be happy to net your tree, provide a fresh cut, mount it into a stand and secure it safely onto your vehicle.  All that is left for you is to take it home and enjoy!  Don’t put up with dark lots, netted trees that can’t be viewed and the hassle of trying to mount your own tree.  

At Pesche’s we exclusively stock Frasier Firs as this tried and trusted cultivar boasts excellent needle retention, vibrant dark green/silver back needles, and fantastic fragrance.  All trees are sheared and shaped perfectly and range from 4 to 16 feet.  We source our trees from Wisconsin and North Carolina ensuring freshness and longevity.