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Perennial Of The Week

Russian Sage - A Pollinator Magnet!
Russian Sage - A Pollinator Magnet!
Sep 5, '20

Russian Sage owes its popularity to a few different traits; for one it is an extremely tough, resilient plant, that can cope with harsh drought conditions, and needs little care...

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Annual Of The Week

Ornamental Peppers or Chilies
Ornamental Peppers or Chilies
Oct 5, '20

It is hard to resist an ornamental pepper finding its way into one’s shopping cart, as these plants can simply not be overlooked when in their prime!  Vibrant displays of...

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What would gardeners do without annuals? Continuous spring to autumn color, rapid growth, resilient nature, and all this at a fantastic price, what else could one ask for from a plant? At Pesche’s we are proud to offer the most comprehensive selection of annuals in the Chicagoland area! Come and seek some gardening inspiration for 2019 whilst meandering through endless oceans of color…

What are Annuals?

It is annuals we can thank for providing the bulk of color in many gardens, as these plants invest almost all of their energy into flowering, many ending only with that first hard frost.   Annuals, as their name implies, are short-lived plants, completing their entire life cycle within a year (germinate-grow-flower-seed).

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