Tomato 'Beefsteak'


Gigantic size, gigantic taste and an old favorite! Extra-large, deep red, meaty fruits makes this one of the most popular tomatoes grown. This long time favorite bears large yields of 12 to 16 oz tomatoes on strong vines. Deep red, round and smooth, ripening uniformly on the vine, Beefsteak is a meatier tomato with excellent disease and virus resistance. I like this big tomato for slicing-great on a BLT or big juicy hamburger. It's also a great tomato for dicing and adding to a salad. Stuff one of these big tomatoes with chicken or tuna salad for a nice summer entrée.

4" pot (1 plant), 3-pack (3 plants) and flat (36 plants) & 1 gallon pot (1 plant)
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