Princess Flower


This evergreen shrub produces a non-stop show of large, royal purple flowers, summer to fall, or nearly year-round in exceptionally warm climates. Dainty deep green ribbed foliage and compact, well-branched habit make it a perfect container plant. Easily trained as a small accent tree. Forming a soft clump of downy foliage that remains compact, the Glory Bush, Tibouchina 'Rich Blue', is ideal for a patio pot or for a cool conservatory. In late-spring, the most delightful, brightest azure-blue to deep-purple blooms smother the whole plant, lasting throughout summer in a wonderfully exotic display. Deeply veined, furry foliage. The leaves feature three deep veins that run along them, giving the foliage a striking corrugated effect, which further adds to its beauty. A definite wildlife-friendly plant, butterflies and other pollinators will be drawn to the vibrant flowers.

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