Lyric Finch Songbird Mix Wild Bird Food

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Lyric Finch Small Songbird Bird Food

Attract colorful finches and other small songbirds to your feeder with Lyric Finch Small Songbird Wild Bird Food. This all-natural blend contains nutritious seeds that are perfect for tiny beaks. All Lyric bird seed is carefully selected for cleanliness, nutrition and quality. By providing a rich feed that wild birds crave, you can enjoy more of the beautiful colors and songs that nature has to offer right in your own backyard!

  • Small seed blend ideal for finches and other small songbirds.
  • This premium blend contains canary seed, canola seed, nyjer seed, small golden millet seed and sunflower kernels.
  • Helps attract American goldfinches, house finches, purple finches, sparrows and other small, regional songbirds to your yard.
  • All-natural formula contains no fillers.
  • Great for use in small tube or sock feeders.

Available bag sizes: 5#

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