Lilium Asiatic 'Purple Dream'

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Hardy Lily

Lilium Asiatic 'Purple Dream'

Slender stalks topped with a cluster of flowers.  Easy to grow in moist, well-drained soil in full sun to partial sun. Asiatic Lilies are easy, dependable perennials that put on a great show in the early summer border. This tall selection features large, upfacing flowers of deep midnight red, almost approaching black. Stems are excellent for cutting. Lilies are a good choice for tubs or mixed containers. Because of the height, the flower stems may need to be staked to prevent breaking in the wind. Divide every three years in October, moving to a new location. Remove old stems in late fall to help discourage diseases.

Light Requirements: Full Sun, Partial Sun
Planting Depth: 6 Inches
Bulbs per Square Foot: 3

Plant lilies behind or even under perennials for a dramatic effect. Lilies may sprout, this is harmless to the bulb, do not remove sprout when planting.

Plant Height: 24-32 Inches  

Bloom Time:  Blooms summer

Hardiness Zone: 3-9

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