Hydrangea macrophylla 'Let's Dance Big Band'

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Bigleaf Hydrangea

Strike up the band - Let's Dance Big Band hydrangea is here!  An endless drive for improvement is what motivates our big-leaf hydrangea breeding, so for us to make a new introduction, a plant has to be signficantly better than what's already available. That's why Let's Dance Big Band hydrangea has been added to the line: it combines bodaciously big mophead flowers with pure, true colors (pink in neutral/basic conditions, blue in acidic conditions) on a plant that survives winter better and reblooms better. That means more flowers, from the beginning of hydrangea season until the snowflakes fly!

All of the Let's Dance hydrangeas are developed in Michigan and evaluated for better resistance to winter damage as well as improved ability to rebloom, even in areas with shorter summers. 

Top reasons to grow Let's Dance Big Band hydrangea:

  • Handsome, disease-resistant foliage
  • Big, colorful flowers
  • Continuous Bloom or Rebloomer
  • Salt Tolerant
    • Part to Full Sun
    • Hardiness Zone:  5 to 9
    • Height:  20-30"
    • Spread:  20-30"
    • Bloom Color: Pink, Purple


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